In my quest to buy and drive almost every car ever made, I recently picked up a 2008 Toyota Yaris (4-do0r).

I don’t have time to into an in depth review of this car, but, in short: I am impressed.

In fact, I have an easy time saying that the Yaris is on my “favorites list” for small cars.

If you are on a budget,  you can pick up a nice pre-owned model these days for under $10,000.

They have great passenger room, good storage space, well built, quiet, get over 40 mpg, are cheap to maintain, good looks, and have good features for the dollar. If you are car shopping with a budget, put this on the top of your list. You won’t regret it!

Buying tips:

1. Look at the body panels to see if they have the factory VIN stickers . . . if not, this is a good sign of a Toyota being in an accident and you should have a professional inspection done to further investigate the integrity of the car.

2. Check the engine oil . . . if it is dark and sludgy, this is a sign of an abused Yaris.

3. Tires. . . always check the tires. They are about $500.00 for a set on this car.

If you have questions about any car, feel free to ask me . . . I’ve owned and driven thousands of cars in my life and I am happy to help you find something you will love.