We typically operate by finding the car that you want from an auction and delivering it right to your door. For that reason, we typically don’t have inventory on hand. We only buy cars we like, that are well cared for, and want to find them good homes. If you’re interested in our current (and past sold) inventory check out:


To see a sample of just some of the cars we can get just for you, check out our virtual inventory. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in our “current inventory”, we have a “virtual inventory” of almost 500,000 cars that can be shipped directly to you. We developed a program called “Vestri Via”* to help you get what you want and not to “sell” you into buying just what we have on a lot somewhere.



What is “Vestri Via”?  

This is a Latin term that literally means “Your way” and also means “Your road”. . . . and it’s the coolest thing ever when it comes to buying your next car. See the video below for more information:

How is it different than what you are used to?

“Vestri Via”  is where we have highly trained car professionals and enthusiast help you get a car that is focused on your needs and budget and not just something we have sitting on a lot.

We believe the worst car deal is getting what you actually didn’t really want. And we’re very different here, because unlike many dealers, we want for you to know your options and help you focus on what matters most to YOU.

There is zero pressure here. We really care about you first and foremost! We believe in helping you make educated decisions and have nothing to pitch and no obligation to any brand.  

In the end, what our clients like most about us, is that we help people save time, money and dealership hassles. . . and who doesn’t want that when they are shopping for a car?

For a walk through on how “Vestri Via” works, please take a look at the slideshow below:

Want to begin? It’s easy to do!

If you would like to begin our process, please proceed to our “Match-Maker Quiz” and we will help you find what moves you right away! Check out our video below on how we use our Match-Maker Quiz to get a vehicle that best fits your needs: