1.     Do you offer financing?

We have relationships with several financial institutions that do financing and we are more than happy to put you in contact with them. We are looking into the option of financing directly.

2.     Is it possible to lease a car from Motorphilia?


3.    What if I have a trade-in, how does that work?

Like any other dealership, we do accept trade-in’s.

4.     Will I have to register the car and do the title paperwork myself?

If you are in Texas – no.  We take care of this for you.  If you are outside Texas you will have to do this yourself.  We are more than happy to advise you through the process!

5.   Is the car inspected by a professional mechanic?

Yes, all cars are inspected by professional mechanics.

6.      Can I get a title history report for my car?

Yes.  We review title history for all cars prior to purchasing them.

7.      How do you make a profit?

We sell cars at wholesale.  A portion of that price is our profit. You pay what dealerships pay.  Nearly 30% of our clients each month are dealerships.

8.      What happens if I don’t like the car when it’s delivered?

If you don’t like the car when it’s delivered, we are happy to take it back plus a 15% restocking fee. However, this has never happened!

9.     If I pay a deposit and don’t buy a car from Motorphilia, do I get my money back?

Yes, all deposits are 100% refundable. If you do buy a car from us, your deposit will be credited to your total purchase price.*

*PLEASE NOTE: Once a car is purchased at an auction (or any other venue on your behalf), this is NOW considered “your car” and your deposit is a contractual commitment to this vehicle and the completion of this transaction (WE WILL NOT BUY A CAR WITHOUT A DEPOSIT)…once a bid is placed and a car is won, you deposit is no longer refundable, unless you are financing the total amount, then it will be refunded once your purchases is fully funded by the lender.  

10.  Is there a grace period after I receive my new vehicle in case something goes wrong?

    Not if the car is older than 3 years of age or has over 50,000 miles.

11.  How long does it take to ship my car to me?

If you are in Texas, most people receive their cars within 3 to 7 days from when the car is acquired.

Out of state purchases generally receive their vehicle about 10 to 14 days after payment is received.

12.  Where do the cars come from?

For auction cars, about 2/3’s are from manufacture and bank lease returns. The next largest portion is from dealership trade-ins.

The majority of the cars in our inventory are trade-ins.

13.  What’s the difference between a new car and used car?

Funny enough, it is impossible to own a “new car”.  For something to be technically new, it can never have been titled.

A new car has never been titled and a used car has been titled.

14.  How does this process work?


15.  How do you use the survey?

We found it easier to understand people’s core desires instead of looking at one particular car, so that we can find their perfect match.

16.  Do you really sell cars internationally? 

     Yes! We have sold and shipped cars to Sweden, Germany, Japan, China, Russia, Peru, Columbia, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico.  No place is out of reach!

17.  Do you have a mechanic shop?

We contract out all work to ASE certified shops or the respective dealerships for warranty work.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.