What are your thoughts about driving a luxury 375hp V8 Hyundai?
Normally, in the past,  I would laugh at the though of a upscale Korean car that would take on BMW . . . but now laughing at this thought has been made very difficult by my jaw being dropped wide open.
Get ready . . . you may not believe this. . .

In Consumer Reports latest review of “Upscale Sedans”, the Hyundai Genesis topped its list, beating out competitors like the Acura, Lexus, Audi, and even BMW. It’s unbelievable enough that Hyundai makes a car that can cost $40,000. It’s even more astonishing that it’s actually good. I don’t want to believe it, but the brand best associated with Rodney King and pizza delivery’s finest professionals seems to have cracked it and made something worth considering. Question still remains, would you drive a Hyundai?

As for me, I’m feeling the pull of the dark-side — and it speaks Korean.

So . . . who’s raffing now?

I’m not.

So what are your thoughts on Hyundai’s these days?

Should we finally take them seriously?